Hopes of Tourism: Costa Rica, China, and France

Tourism! Seeing new places, cultures, and people what a grand concept. Thinking of tourism, I like to think of visiting countries that are completely different from my own, the United States. I wish to see the world and experience other cultures, see things that those I live near may never get to experience. I have had the great experience of visiting a country unlike my own, Costa Rica. I hope that in the future the opportunity shall arise for me to visit countries like China and France.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America, full of life and spirit. I visited Costa Rica when I was a junior in high school (11th grade). The only way to express this trip is “Life Changing”. I have never been outside of the United States before this trip and was not expecting such a marvelous experience. The indigenous people of Costa Rica did not have all the amenities that I have in the United States, but the people were always smiling and seemed to be living to the fullest. As I traveled through towns and villages I never say any cats and almost no dogs what so ever. The culture was vastly different and the food was so healthy and unique, an experience I could never have had in the United States.

China is one of the largest countries in the world, a place I hope I get to visit one day. I can just imagine walking along the streets and seeing all the peoples’ homes and the shops. Just trying to imagine the smell of the food is impossible, but the thought of it filling the air with such intensity that distinguishing all the complex and flavorful smells is in comprehensible. I wish to walk along the great wall of China seeing both sides of this wall with a different out comes in history. I have seen the great wall in movies and pictures, but I have no doubt in my mind that seeing such a wonder in person is just breath taking. That the people of China built such a grand wall in their past. How people within the large cities live compared to the people out in the countryside. I have heard that they hold different cultural ideas and have a noticeable difference.

France, is one of the most romantic countries in the world. I myself have always fanaticized about seeing Paris one day, hopefully with my future wife. Seeing the stone paved streets with the beautifully colored architecture. The people so full of life and outdoor seating for restaurants full of people and the smell of fresh bread. Walking the streets at night with lights filling the night sky full of an indescribable beauty. To stand looking at the Eifel tower standing in the night covered in the shimmer of lights. I even want to experience the unique French cuisine of escargot, otherwise known as snail. To go and see all of the palaces and monasteries resurrected by the builds of past France, seeing the grandeur of such hard work. I have seen videos of the vast underground expanse where the French use to bury their dead in large mass graves, using their bones to create crosses of Catholicism. I hope that if I get to visit a country in the future that France is on the top of that list.

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