Costa Rica: Other Site Comparison

Source 1

Hall, C. (1990). The Paradox of Tourism in Costa Rica. Cultural Survival Quarterly Magazine. Retrieved From


Discussing the issues that comes with tourism in Costa Rica and how tourism is booming. How the Costa Rica government has been trying to make a balance of increasing tourism and preserving the local wildlife. Also, on a more serious note, discussing the economic problems faced with the fluctuation of the global economy.

Author Credentials: No Author

Author Organization: Cultural Survival

Article Date: 1990

Audience: People interested in Costa Rica and learning about the economic history surrounding Costa Rica.

Factual: This article is a very good source of information on Costa Rica. Holding facts instead of opinions about Costa Rica. There is a large number of references noted at the bottom of the page. It is clear that the author is not a native of Costa Rica. This Article is not very broad about tourism of Costa Rica as it is more about the economic standing of the country, but it does hold some facts about how tourism has affected the populace.


Source 2

Indigenous Art and Culture. (2017) Costa Rican Vacations. Retrieved From


This web site discusses how cultural crafts is not just a source of income, but a way to pass on their cultural heritage to younger generations. How the process of making their traditional masks requires cutting down the perfect tree at the perfect time of the lunar year. Jicaras are hardened fruits that the indigenous people use as bowls, cups, and utensils. Also giving a description of the festival “The Dance of the Devils”, from the masks worn to a layout of the days in how events unfold during the festival.

Author Credentials:

Author Organization: Costa Rica Vacations

Article Date: 2017

Audience: People interested in hearing about Costa Rica art traditions

Factual: This site has no author stated or any references to back up the knowledge. Although some of the knowledge on the website does correspond with information that I have previously gathered about tourism in Costa Rica.

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