Costa Rica Festival Videos

Festival of The Little Devils

This is a link to a video which gives an insight into what the “Fiesta De Los Diablos’ festival is all about. This is an informational video created by Rob Traquair who published the video on January 12th, 2016. Rob is not associated with any organization and creates videos that he is interested in. This video talks about what work goes into preparing for the festival and what roles are played. The video also gives some details about the Boruca tribe.

Traquair, R. (2016). Festival of The Little Devils. Bing. Retrieved from


Festival la Luz 2015 San Jose, Costa Rica

This link leads to a video showing 9:26 of the parade during the Festival la Luz in 2015. This is an entertainment video posted by RED JG on December 15th, 2015. From the information that I could gather RED JG is a You Tube users account name, no real name or organization affiliation could be found. The video is just a run through of the parade, no commentary, just a video taken within the crowd of people watching the festival.

RED JG. (2015). Festival la Luz 2015 San Jose, Costa Rica. Bing. Retrieved from


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