Summary of What I Have Learned

Native Costa Rican people, those who inhabited Costa Rica before the Spanish invaded. What I knew of these people is that they live a simple, yet happy life. I visited Costa Rica back in when I was in high school. I loved the way the people treated each other and how amazing the art and culture was. They were kind and loved to tell stories, I loved how their food tasted and how healthy it was.

            Through my research upon these indigenous people, I noticed how my personal experience was seen within the research of others. The research I looked into showed how Native Costa Ricans lived in large communities and created very complex and colorful art. The colorful masks that they created for their festivals take a large amount of time to create. For these festivals, they allow anyone who wishes to see them to watch and partake in the festivals. Such as the festival of lights which consists of a large parade and is attended by many of the natives and those from outside the country to partake.

            Tourism economics for Costa Rica are a very large source of income. The natives are dependent on the income that tourists bring to their country and communities. This brings a problem with it though, how to keep the balance of nature and tourism to continue to thrive. To keep their forests preserved and improve the amount of tourist income has been an issue not yet solved. The natives have been trying to increase tourism without removing any forests or scaring away the wild life. So far this has been successful, but with the modern times it is difficult to keep their culture alive and provide for their families.

            Through and ethnographic look, I noticed that the natives seem to not hold the luxury items that are normally found in the United States. The roads are only paved within the cities and there is nature everywhere. The natives hold onto their culture and slow integrate aspects of the modern world. They seem to try very hard to hold onto their cultural heritage through everything.

            I had to go through a vast majority of research to learn about the people of Costa Rica. Through using the internet, I had to learn to phrase and rephrase key search terms, to notice copy right laws, and to comprehend what it was I had to read. I have learned to add and describe everything that I added to my blog posts. I do wish to return to Costa Rica and explore more, to immerse myself into the people and share in the happiness that they seem to radiate into others.

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